Here’s a little recap of my life to tell you how i ended up here.
I used to work in a CPA’s office, more like a trainee than a full-scale employee. For a while things seemed okay but later on it became clear being a CPA isn’t something I want to do.  It became more clear when I started waking up every morning wishing the day would already end.So I set to find something  that interests me rather than slave through something I hate.  The day I packed up my I had this huge smile on my face,probably looked a little like the Cheshire cat , I’m sure more than one person on the street thought that something wasn’t right in my head. Couldn’t care less though! Coz I was free again to do whatever I like.
So I started 2013 with no job and plenty of free time.

I took a month off and enjoyed my freedom, which is my way so saying I lazed around a lot. While working  I was in the office for 9 hours a day, six days a week, we only had Sunday as a holiday which I preferred to spent at home in front of TV or with a book. Aah , it was wonderful to be able to walk around in the evening again, go to the mall or see the sunset!!
After the month of freedom the job hunt began. I gave exams for some jobs, cleared some, went for interviews and now waiting for the results to see whether I get the job or not. Also decided to go for a Master’s degree. Hopefully the public opinion that more education means a good job will work out in my case.

People ask me if I feel bad that I left the job. My answer is Hell no!! It was the best decision.  Now I’m free to find something that I like And I’m finally free to write, which is something I always wanted to do. I’ve never written anything major other than few short stories and book reviews on another site; Hence this blog, to help me figure out how good I am in the writing field and also so that I don’t feel bored to death.

That’s the story till now. Judging from the last twenty years of my life there is only a slim chance that things in the future turn out perfect all at once but Hey, i have a lot of fight left in me so I know I’ll end up somewhere good, eventually.


P.S I just read what I’ve written and realized there is probably too many “I”s in that but its my back-story so I’m leaving it the way it is. 🙂





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