I had a good day, did you??

Most of the days go slow with nothing much happening, unless you count getting pretty cool discounts on clothes or finding that the book stall has a sale. Then there are the days when things turn out better. Thankfully, today was the second kind providing me fodder for this just born blog.

The start of the day wasn’t that good. I didn’t get any sleep at all last night. I went to bed around 2’o clock but sleep was an impossible task so just I tossed and tuned for an hour or two then got up, read a bit, had some tea, took a bath – still no sign of sleep. I get cranky when I don’t sleep and today was looking like it was going to be a bad one. Well, it tuned out better than I thought it would.

My mom, a high school teacher, has this checklist of things that she wants to do on summer holidays; pretty simple stuff, nothing on it like bungee jumping or trying exotic foods. Thing to do for today:  a lunch just the two of us. Spending time with mom is something I’ve always liked so wasn’t going to say no.The lunch was good. We opted for Chinese. A little stroll around the mall afterwards and I dropped mom at the house and decided to go get a hair-cut. There were these ladies there getting their eye brows done and hands or legs waxed. All you girls, and maybe some of you guys, know that they aren’t really that fun at all. Seriously, who the hell came up with the idea that beauty means looking like hairless apes??

My turn came and my hair is back to the shoulder length I prefer. Reaching back home I found out that dear mom had locked the door from inside along with the bedroom door and had gone to sleep. I should mention the fact that once we close the bedroom door and turn on the A/c in our house we can’t hear any sound that’s coming from outside the house or in most cases we can’t hear those from the others rooms as well. Talk about soundproof! The funny thing is the room was never made to be sound proof.
The next 10 minutes were spent in various ways of me trying to wake her up by calling on the mobile (which was conveniently in silent mode), calling on the land-line ( the batteries ran out on that thing a long time ago so the volume on it is low), ringing the doorbell and banging on the door. No response to any of it.

I had no intention of standing outside in the summer heat so I called up my friend and went for a movie.  My mom called a while later to check on me. She lectures me on my mistakes, so I didn’t waste the opportunity to point out that moms make mistakes too. She thinks that I’m being cheeky but come on! I was only telling the truth right??

There’s still 3 hours till the day ends but I think that nothing more is going to happen today.

Okay so to wrap it up, things didn’t go according to plan but I ended up having a nice time anyway.

Now, I just want to fall into bed and sleep.


P.S: I may have spoken too soon. The net connection crashed just before I could publish this. Thankfully, it came back on within half an hour. Now let me just hit the publish button before anything else happens.