When it rains

The monsoon hasn’t started yet but we still have rains every other day that last only for fifteen minutes or so. I just love rain. The sound, the smell of soil after the first rain and even the thunder and lightning. Well, not the heavy storms, they leave too much disaster in their wake.

I get weird looks from some when I say I like thunder and lightning. What do they think exactly when they hear say I like it? What I mean is the beauty of it not hat I want to stand outside with an iron rod in my hand with the hope of getting electrocuted.Its beautiful to see the fork of lightning split the sky turning night into day for just a second. Do you think the same way??
Some of my friends say they lock up the doors and windows when it starts. It’s like they expect the lightning to barge in through the door, just ridiculous!!

Sunset just before the rains.

Sunset just before the rain.

As I said before the rains haven’t started in earnest yet so most of the time only part of the city gets rainfall.  Travelling from one part of the town to next  turns into a something of a  comic situation because you’ll get drenched but the other area would be dry and people will be staring at you wondering why you look like you started driving just after getting out of the shower.  That exactly is what happened to me yesterday. I drive a two-wheeler, most common means of transport in this part of the world, so when it rains the only options are either wait till it ends or get drenched. I got drenched and got a good amount of stares from those in the dry area while waiting for the signal to change. Some staring wont change my love for the rain. You stare at me I’ll stare right back.

Looks like it going to rain today also. Looking forward to it, will be a nice change from this heat.