Who Knew!!




One of the best cartoons and of  THE best series on TV. Who would have thought they were related!  Thanks mainly to Jim Parsons, my favorite in the show, this show is simply awesome. I don’t think anyone could have made a better Sheldon Cooper than him.  I initially started watching from Season 5 but loved it so much that I made it a point not to miss the reruns. Since I quit my job I have been spending a little extra time in front of the TV but thanks to shows likes these TV is still entertaining.


4 comments on “Who Knew!!

  1. Melanee says:

    Love, LoVe, LOVE The Big Bang Theory but never realized the connection with the cartoon. Just wanted to stop by and say, “thanks” for liking my photo on my blog.

  2. teannadorsey says:

    The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite TV series. Sheldon is awesome and makes the show entertaining.

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