Pitch Perfect

I had seen trailers of this movie on Youtube but completely forgot that such a movie exists. In fact I even forgot the name of the movie so when a fellow blogger suggested it I didn’t know it was this movie. I ended up watching it yesterday. One of the few perks of being jobless – watch movie at whatever time I want.11167512_det

I thought the movie was great. I mean not like the big scale movie but it was kind of more real than others like High School musical. It’s hilarious, has nice songs and definitely more fun to watch!

So the movie is about a college accapella group, The Barden Bellas, trying to win the Nationals. Yes that’s right! They wrapped up the story in under two hours while Glee took three seasons to get there. The songs and mash-up  choices are great and with perfect timing so the story is not slowed down. It’s not exactly a new story line- girl with issues, group of singers trying to win a competition and a little bit of romance mixed with it, but even so the movie isn’t boring at all! I liked Rebel Wilson the most followed by Anna Kendrick. The other cast members are pretty good too.

I’ll probably watch it again and will be adding the soundtrack to my playlist. Thanks to KC (http://feelininfinite.wordpress.com/) for making me watch this movie.

Not Much Going On

Pretty ordinary day. Nothing happened except we had another small thunderstorm. It only lasted about half an hour but it blew out some power lines or something. That meant no TV or computer and with a knack of perfect timing my mobile ran out of charge too. I don’t have a laptop right now so all in all it was four gadget free hours gifted to me by the storm. It was just four hours but felt more like forty! Couldn’t go out either because of the rain.The lightning show stopped too soon so was left with nothing to do.

My gran tells me about her childhood .People preferred to use lanterns and entertainment was in the form of a transistor radio. Movies were held once or twice a year. Kinda hard to imagine what living like that would be like. I mean they were used to it but if someone sent me back in time to live like that I’ll go mad pretty soon.TV, mp3 player, mobile  and computer, most of my day is spent with one of these things.

Thankfully they repaired the power lines. Now back to life of 21st Century.