Second Movie Of The Week: Premium Rush

I have a backlog of movies to be seen and I’m playing catch up. The weather is making me stay indoors  so going to do just that with some good movies to keep me entertained.

Ticked off Premium Rush from the list yesterday. Didn’t have much hopes for this movie. I mean its  guy on a bike, how exciting can that get? I was completely wrong. I had great time watching it. There is some series bike riding in this movie!Hmm.. May be I shouldn’t have sold my bike.premium-rush-blu-ray-box-art

Reasons I like the movie:

1. Joseph Gordon Levitt. I liked this guy’s acting when I saw him in 10 things I hate about you, he was good in Inception and he’s great in this one. Will be watching one more movie of his( 50/50) next week.

2. The action. It’s not the crazy, unrealistic stunts like the ones in Die hard and all, but its good. There is some insane bike riding and cool stunts.Never thought bike riding can prove to be an adrenaline rush. The guy is driving through streets of New York on a bike with no brakes, I wont survive a drive down the street if there wasn’t any brakes. Okay, that’s  exaggeration, I’ll survive but might have to say goodbye to my front teeth and rock a cast while my bones mend.

3. The pace.  There are no points on the whole plot that slow it down. The movie starts, picks up pace, gets even better and has a good finish. There are a lot of movies that disappoint by having scenes in the middle that bore you, this isn’t one of those.

4. The direction of the movie.The plot is simple the bike messenger gets a package that somebody else wants and gets chased through the streets while he tries to make the delivery. They way they tell the story is what makes the movie awesome.

To wrap it up, I thought it was great. Good thing I had it on the list.

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