Forever And After

Today’s Daily Prompt is : No Longer  A Mere Mortal.

I would prefer not to make much changes in my lifestyle other than have some source of income.

If I do take a potion that makes me immortal then these are things I would probably do:

1.Travel and see the world. Staying in one place for too long is not something I’m interested in. Eternity should be enough time to see the world.

2.Find some good long term investments – I know that sounds boring but I really don’t want to spent eternity as a hobo. I don’t need huge returns just an amount that can help me live my day to day life.

3. Considering the previous point works out I would prefer a comfortable house as a base, a place to come back to. Not big mansions or anything, never was a fan of those. A small cottage preferably near a beach. Though that might not work in long term taking into account the rising sea levels and all.

4. Work out more. That would be a big change in lifestyle seeing I don’t work out at all these days. If I’m living forever at least I should be in shape.

5. I’m not all that selfish I would like to help people. If I have all the time in the world then I can change at least one persons fate. I would take that over doing nothing any day. No, I wont be a super hero or anything but just a normal, or not so normal, person providing a helping hand.

6. Learn some of the things that I never seem to have time to do like playing instruments(guitar,violin and piano), write a book and cooking techniques (eternity would be hell without good food).

I think that’s a start. I’ll probably think up more things later but  should be enough for now.

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