Light And Smoke

That’s me holding a sparkler. This was just a test shot to see if my mobile can catch bright lights in close range but it turned out be one of the best photos I took that day.



Don’t Judge A product By It’s Cover

Don’t ever judge a product by it’s cover.
The marketing people score again. They take photos of beautiful, tasty looking dishes and lure you in. It’s easy and tastes great they say. The optimist in you makes you buy them believing that what you cook is going to look and taste just as spectacular. I fell for it. I’m only human and like most humans follow the wishes of my stomach more than listening to my head.
I bought a packet of easy-to-make veggie cutlets. All I had to do is follow the five simple steps to make the dough,let it rest,make the batter,dip it in crumbs and deep fry. So simple! I am addicted to trying out such packets. An easy to make snack in case of hunger related emergencies or when you savor the taste something that tastes so good that you ignore the effects on your health. So far I’ve had more hits than misses with such packaged foods.

The one I picked up yesterday cost a little bit more than I would have liked but against all warning signals in my head I picked it up. It looked great on the cover and just 5 simple steps to make a superb snack. The picture on the cover made it look soo yummy!

Guessed it yet?? It turned out to be a disaster!!The yummy looking dish on the cover was either A) Not made using the contents in the packet or B) Good photography.  It tasted terrible.Despite all my efforts the end product had insides that ranged somewhere between cooked to burned.

I made it in batches of two because I had to first figure out how much time they needed. The packet had no details on cooking time. Probably because they cant get it right either.

The first batch tasted too raw.For the second batch the outer area was crisp but inside still raw. In the third batch the outer area got to a point just before burned and insides turned to oily mush. The forth batch didn’t even make it to the frying pan, I just threw them in the dustbin.Tried controlling the heat of the oil, the thickness of each piece and still nothing.

In the end, I was left hungry and angry while I  questioned my cooking abilities.

Every single one of them was bad. It took 1/4 of a tic-tac pack to get the taste of the (supposed-to-be) vegetable cutlet mush, out of my mouth.

All in all, bad day in the kitchen.I’m not giving up on such products, will continue experimenting with these but it might take a while to recover from this disaster.

I think I’ll stick to cooking cutlets from scratch. Takes a little more time but atleast they taste good!

Sunday Song #3

Song – Counting Stars by One Republic from their third studio album Native.

Another of the bands that I like listening to (a lot)! Other songs that I like from this band are:

  • Good Life
  • Stop and stare
  • All the right moves
  • Secrets
  • Feel Again
  • Apologize
  • If I lose myself.

Why I like their songs? The reason: their songs,at-least he ones I mentioned above, have a good rhythm and beats.

I really like the music in this song(it starts after the first 22 seconds).

If you have any suggestions for other good songs by the band or similar songs by any other band, do let me know.

My Ray Of Sunshine

I thought it was going to be just a normal weekend but a big thank you to fellow bloggers Belsbror and  Master Procraster for making it special and nominating me for The Sunshine Award. It’s a blogger’s award to a fellow blogger.  Pop over to their blogs to read some really great posts, Belsbror shares his opinions & musings and Master Procaster writes about everything from Movies and music to humor and art.

For the Sunshine Award the rules are :

1. Display the award logo,

2. Link back to the person who nominated you,

3. State 7 things about yourself, and

4. Nominate 15  other bloggers for the award.

Seven things about me:

1. I love reading.

2. I have a pet cat who acts so much like a king that I named him Simba.

3.  I’ve always had a passion for writing and that is the reason I started the blog.

4. I like trying out new food. Sometimes it works out, others not so much.

5. I tried to learn to play the guitar but haven’t touched it in two years now.

6. I want to travel and see the world. Top three countries on my list are : Ireland, Italy and    Switzerland.

7.I don’t know how to drive a car. Yup, twenty two and still haven’t learnt how to 🙂

15 Nominees for the award:

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When I started the blog I didn’t expect to get so many readers in such a short time.Thank you all for reading what I write and for sharing your thoughts on the posts.

City Of Bones(The Mortal Instruments #1)

This book was published in  2007, many of you might have already read it and with the movie releasing this year many more will be interested in reading the series if they haven’t read it yet.200px-City_of_Bones

City of Bones is the first book in the The Mortal Instruments series written by Cassandra Clare. It is a young adult, fantasy novel dealing with demons and demon hunters. To tell the truth I wasn’t that interested in reading the book but being me I  wanted to give it a try before watching the movie.

For those whose like this genre it will be a great book and for the others not so much. I found some parts interesting and others plain boring.The author has really good imagination, that’s for sure. The theme is that of another world hidden in plain view in our own much like Harry Potter. There are Warlocks, vampires, werewolves,magic,demons and demon hunters ( known as Shadow Hunters who are part human ,part angels), living in our own world without us even knowing. The name for normal human beings is mundanes. This too seems like an idea drawn from Harry Potter, remember the word “muggles”, right? The similarities end here, the plot is entirely different. It is another good vs. evil story but plot for each one is different right so not counting it a s a similarity.

The novel follows Clary Fray, a fifteen year old who gets involved in the world of Shadow hunters. While out in a club with a friend she seems a trio killing what she believes to be a human. The trio turn to be Shadow hunters, who are not supposed to be visible to normal humans but her being able to see them raises the curiosity of one of the Shadowhunters named Jace. Later Clary finds out that her mother has disappeared and is attacked by a demon. The rest of the story is about Clary learning more about the other world and she finds out that her family and past may not be the way she actually thought it to be. There is more in the story than this. So it’s not exactly a spoiler.

There is suspense, a little action and twists(one twist in particular is a really unexpected),those are the parts I liked about the novel. The movie might be better than the book because I think it’s one of those story which would have more effect when seen and not read. The trailer looks promising, I’m hoping it will live up to the hype.

My Rating : 2/5


Warm Bodies (The Movie)

I had written about the book last week.I planned on writing about the movie on the same post but decided to do a different one instead. Since the story is the same please go here to read an outline of it. Warm_Bodies_Theatrical_Poster

The movie was hilarious. From the first lines in the script to the end they were able to keep it interesting,romantic and funny. They have cut a few parts of the story that was in the book which needed more explanation but these parts were not really necessary to the basic plot. On the whole great work of converting the book into a movie.

On the book review post fellow bloggers who had already seen the movie had mentioned that the it can be described as a zombie chick flick and that it’s a lot like Romeo and Juliet, I totally agree with that. Some scenes are actually too similar to Romeo and Juliet, like the balcony scene.

The acting was very good. Especially that of Nicholas Hoult who acts as the main character R. Other favorite for me was Rob Corddry who acts as M/Marcus. They manage to do an awesome job even though they don’t have much talking to do in the movie. Both of them are creepy as zombies and at the same time perfectly delivers the comedy in the lines .

I would suggest that you watch this movie. The plot is new and you may think it’s strange but it’s definitively worth watching.