The Way I am

The lyrics from the song It’s Time by Imagine Dragons is stuck in my head from a few weeks now probably because I’ll been replaying the same playlist again and again and this is one of the songs I like the most from the playlist.

The best part for me in the whole song is the following verses:

“I’m just the same as I was

Now don’t you understand

That I’m never changing who I am”

Okay,I know the band probably meant  something a little different when they wrote the song but I like it because it’s the reply I like to give to everyone who keeps suggesting to change this and change that.

In middle school I was the shy kid who got bullied. In high school I had learned to stand up for myself but being the fat kid who was more or less a nerd,  I didn’t really fit in with everyone. I’m still a nerd but I’m in better shape than before. Then there are the people who believe they are perfect and always keeps telling what I should do to get better. I don’t need there so-called advice, I like myself the way I am. I don’t reject everything people say outright, I do give it a thought to know whether I should consider what they said but most of the times it useless stuff. I have people who don’t mind the way I am and I’ve learned not to care about the others.

This post turned out to be a bit of a rant but I said what I had to say.

Written as a response to the Daily Prompt.
(Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.)

15 comments on “The Way I am

  1. belsbror says:

    Thank you for following belsbror’s pix. I really appreciate it. 😀
    I nominated you for the Inner Peace and Sunshine Awards. Please get the badges at and get more info. Thanks for the visit. Happy blogging!

    • Thanks so much for nominating me for another award. I guess it’s not right to use the badges since I don’t do the award posts. I am really happy that you continue to read my blog and that you like reading what I write, that means a lot. 🙂

  2. belsbror says:

    You’re welcome. You can do the post whenever you feel like it. It’s yours, 😀
    I read what my fellow bloggers share as I would love others do when visiting my site. We learn from one another. 🙂

  3. Ugly Nikki says:

    An inspirational rant 🙂

  4. Jack Flacco says:

    I get that way too with songs. I’ll listen to it for a long time, getting a groove from it, picturing my own meaning to the lyrics but it isn’t until I find out what the lyrics actually mean do I feel weird. Isn’t that the way songs should be though? We all interpret things differently based on our life experiences–at least that’s what I’ve always believed!

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  6. […] The Way I am « Getting Rid Of Boredom […]

  7. Sonel says:

    Googled this song on youtube and it’s beautiful G! Thanks for introducing a new band. I like the music and the video is cool as well. 😀

    Great post too and sorry to hear that you’ve been bullied as a child in school. I wish I was there so I could give them a piece of my fist. I hate bullies and always stuck up for kids in school who were bullied. That meant me visiting the principal’s office more than once but I didn’t mind. I once even told the principal “we should stop meeting like this” … hahahah. He wasn’t very impressed. 😆

    I totally agree with you on the “change” situation G. Why people always want to change others to be the way they are is beyond my comprehension. We are NOT here to change others but to learn from each other and to be compassionate … not judging others because they’re not like us. I’ve had that problem for years until I started to not care what others think and to voice what I believe in and if they didn’t like that either, their problem…not mine. Mostly these “perfect people” are the ones that need some councelling. Next time tell them that others are their “mirrors” – when they look at you and see your faults, it’s actually theirs. 😀 *big hugs*

    • That’s wonderful. Hope you like the other songs too.
      It would have been great to have you as a friend back in school.It’s so nice that you used to help the kids that were bullied.
      I like your thought on the post about people seeing their own faults in others. I’ve also learned not to care about what others think about me and be happy with myself. Life is much better that way.Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      • Sonel says:

        You are very welcome and I still don’t like bullies and find great joy in putting them down, even if I have to do it with words as well. I can’t stand people who prey on others. I agree…it’s best to be just happy with yourself as you are. You are not a bad person, you have a kind, compassionate and sensitive soul and no one have the right to change you into something you’re not. 😀

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