My Plans For A Home

Daily Prompt : You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

First of all I’ll be too happy that I won a contest! I never win anything. So plans for a new home… I’ll leave the actual planning to the architects and designers otherwise I might design something that even burrowing animals wont enter. I’ll break  down into points what I would love to have in my house.

1. I don’t want anything too big. Big houses never look like a home to me. What I need is a home not just a house. That said, I don’t want anything too small either. I won a contest  so they better build be something good!

2. I need a big garden. I grew up in a house full of flowers and trees and I prefer that my house also has the same and I would love if there was a patio overlooking the garden.

3. I want a perfect bedroom.Perfect shade of a color on the walls, pretty curtains, perfect lighting and of course a beautiful bed.

4. I need a big kitchen. I might not be the best at cooking but it’s something I enjoy so no comprise or adjustments when it comes to this area of the house.

5. A wall to ceiling bookcase.As I love the feel of reading an actual book I tend to buy a lot of them and  I intent to buy more in the future so this is a necessity.  Right now I only have space to keep 50-60 books the rest are locked up in a trunk.

6. Wide open spaces as much possible with natural lighting.

That’s all I can think of in such short notice. I might come up with more in future but this is all for now.



14 comments on “My Plans For A Home

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  4. Ugly Nikki says:

    I like the wall to ceiling bookcase the best

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  6. Sonel says:

    That sounds like the perfect house for sure G! Just what I would love as well. Great description and post. 😀 *hugs*

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  8. May all your dreams come true!

  9. Hedwigia says:

    More details! What colour is that bedroom? (Sorry, I’m in the UK and can’t bring myself to spell it color!) I’m lucky enough to have pretty much my dream bedroom. It’s pale green, and fits in with a story I read as a child, something like Blackberry Farm – anyway, I’ve always had this vision of a country cottage with pale green walls and sunlight filtering in through the windows in the morning. And I’m lucky enough to have exactly that. Lucky me. 🙂

    • I would like something pale but haven’t thought of any exact color.
      Your dream room sounds beautiful.
      We Indians spell it as colour too. I started typing without the “u” only when I started the blog. 🙂

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