Being Indecisive

Things work better for me when there is a plan. There are only a few situations in which I don’t have a problem with short notices, all other cases freak me out. Having a plan is one thing, making one is even more work for me. I think too much before deciding on one thing.

When I see the topics in daily post I immediately go into thinking mode. My thought process is similar for whenever I use prompts. First question : Should it be a written post or a photo? If I decide to write then the next question pops up; should I write about this or is it better to write about that?

After going through the same thing for today’s post, I thought of a couple of topics that I could write about then decided why not just do a post on me and my crazy decision-making issues.

It’s easier for me to write when I decide on the topic before hand but using prompts means I need to come up with something in a short time. I mentioned before, its a bit of a problem for me to decide in such situations. Which is the reason I joined the daily post on WordPress. I really need to get out of the comfort zone so I’m hoping having to post fast on some topic will help me get better at-least when it comes to writing.

Picking which dress to wear, what book to read ,which movie to watch are the easy stuff that I don’t need time to think about. But if someone(usually my mom) tells me you have to go out and do these things today I start panicking because there isn’t a plan. I need a plan or I need to know before I that I may have to go out and do things.Yeah, I’m weird!! I like going out and just roaming around but if there are things that need to be done then the planning starts and  more often than not there will be a list in my pocket or at-least it my head when I go out after all the planning.

There is no way I can be  leader of any sort. I will take up to much time to come up with things. I don’t think I make bad decisions, at least that’s what I can say from things till now, but I take too much time.

Does anyone have similar problems when it comes to making decisions?
P.S This post is not exactly what the prompt tells to write about but it is what made  me come up with the post.


15 comments on “Being Indecisive

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  3. nktvb says:

    I feel like this in some respects. Sometimes I can just go with the flow but other times I need to visualize myself doing something before I actually do something. It’s weird but sometimes if I haven’t thought out an entire day i.e. what I’m wearing, what I’m going to have for lunch etc. beforehand I just feel out of it and uncomfortable having to deal with it as it comes.

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  6. I am lucky that I am naturally decisive. Sounds wild otherwise.

  7. I feel like this when I pick out books. I totally understand!

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  10. Sonel says:

    Lovely post and well written G. When we have to go to see people I usually need a notice beforehand. When it comes to going places where I want to take photo’s it’s on a spur-of-the-moment thing but only when I’m dressed, because when I see the light is right and I know there is not going to be a lot of traffic or people then I want to go and go now! 😀 I don’t do the prompts often because too many things do go through my mind and then I can get it into gear and even if I have to pic a photo it’s also not easy. Just like you I would like to do it beforehand. I will start with one photo, then see another that looks better and so on and so on…and by the time I am finished, the day is in its glory and I haven’t posted the prompt yet. Great leaders are the ones that takes time to think about things…so there I think you will be great in that department. Take your time, do your thing. It’s how you are made up and why change? 😀 *hugs*

    • Thank you for the comment. I too take photos on impulse.I didn’t want to use prompts before but then I changed my mind and now I use it on most days. Like you said it’s not easy to find out what to write about but it’s a challenge and that’s the main point for me anyway. I get the prompts in evening due to the time difference so I can’t post photos that often because there is no time or light to take new ones. But sometimes I have photos that go with the theme so I post them.
      Yeah, I agree with you on the last part and I guess taking time has some merits too. 🙂

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