Sunday Song # 7

Song  : Harlem by New Politics.

Most of the time I prefer songs with great to moderately good lyrics but some time all I want is good music. Great beats, fun tune, in short music that you can just listen to feel good and maybe dance a little.

Two days ago I heard the song “Harlem” playing on AXN and loved the music instantly, the lyrics weren’t that bad either.  New Politics is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their music is mainly alternative rock, pop and punk.I have listened to some of their songs and I’ve mentioned some of the goods ones below.

Other songs :

  • Tonight You are Perfect
  • Dignity
  • Give me hope
  • Stuck on you


6 comments on “Sunday Song # 7

  1. Sonel says:

    Oh, I just loved it G! Thanks for sharing and for introducing me to this fun and hip band. Yes, I also like songs with a beat to it, with music that sounds nice on the ear and especially no screaming, so this was great listening to for sure! Love the lead singer’s dance moves and he is so cute! 😀

  2. O says:

    Love this song!! I agree you have to somewhat ignore the lyrics but it has a fantastic beat 😀

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