Various Faces Of Hannibal Lecter

As far as disturbing characters go, Hannibal Lecter deserves a definite spot on the Top 5.  No one can forget the face with the mesh mask over the mouth(to keep him from tearing people up with his mouth).  Silence of the lambs came out in 1991, the year I was born, and it was only in 2006 that I watched it for the first time  and absolutely loved the movie. Since then I have watched all the movies  in the series(except manhunter) and have read all the novels.

The first season of Hannibal, the new TV series, is what made me write this post.


For those of you who don’t know, Dr.Hannibal Lecter  is brilliant psychiatrist who is also a cannibalistic serial killer. He only became a main character in the novels in the third book, till then he only had a small part.

The same can’t be said for the movies. Anthony Hopkins did absolutely brilliant performance as Lecter in Silence of the lambs making sure that he became a main character from the start itself.

Remember this line from Dr.Lecter?
“A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

In all four different actors have played the role of Dr.Lecter-
Brian Cox( Manhunter),
Anothny Hopkins(Silence of the lams, Red Dragon, Hannibal),
Gaspard Ulliel ( Hannibal Rising) and
Mads Mikkelsen ( Hannibal: TV series) .
Even though the character is the same each actor does it a little different, as expected.

Anothny Hopkins is so far the best in portraying Lecter. Mads Mikkelsen comes second as far as I can tell. He does good job of acting but his version of Lecter lacks the creepy undertone. That might be because the first season didn’t show much about Hannibal’s side of story instead focusing more on Will Graham.

The first season of the new show finished last week and I thought it was  good but the pace was a little slow . Probably a 3 out of 5 rating from my side. There isn’t that many disturbing scenes from Lecter as I thought there would be.  Even though the show is called Hannibal the part I liked the most was Hugh Dancy as Will Graham. Will wait for the second and I hope they pick up the pace.


Warm Bodies (The Movie)

I had written about the book last week.I planned on writing about the movie on the same post but decided to do a different one instead. Since the story is the same please go here to read an outline of it. Warm_Bodies_Theatrical_Poster

The movie was hilarious. From the first lines in the script to the end they were able to keep it interesting,romantic and funny. They have cut a few parts of the story that was in the book which needed more explanation but these parts were not really necessary to the basic plot. On the whole great work of converting the book into a movie.

On the book review post fellow bloggers who had already seen the movie had mentioned that the it can be described as a zombie chick flick and that it’s a lot like Romeo and Juliet, I totally agree with that. Some scenes are actually too similar to Romeo and Juliet, like the balcony scene.

The acting was very good. Especially that of Nicholas Hoult who acts as the main character R. Other favorite for me was Rob Corddry who acts as M/Marcus. They manage to do an awesome job even though they don’t have much talking to do in the movie. Both of them are creepy as zombies and at the same time perfectly delivers the comedy in the lines .

I would suggest that you watch this movie. The plot is new and you may think it’s strange but it’s definitively worth watching.

Three Current Favorites On TV

I read a couple of blogs today where people wrote of favorites. Favorites movies, music, etc. So I thought I’ll join the club and write about the my three favorite guys on television right now. These guys have remained my favorites for some years now and will probably remain so for some more years. Continue reading to see the names and what I found to be the best character they portrayed. mash

So without further ado, here’s the guys :

1. Norman Reedus
Character: Daryl Dixon
Show: The Walking Dead

I liked watching Boondock Saints, I know it’s a terrible movie but I just couldn’t stop watching. The plot is so ridiculous in it and even though it’s supposed to be an action movie it felt more like a comedy or spoof.Even so I did like Norman Reedus in the movie and he’s the reason why I started watching The Walking Dead. It turned out to be the best show I’ve seen, other than Friends. The show wouldn’t be the same without Daryl Dixon. Who would thought a character like that would create such a big fan base. Credit for that goes to Reedus for doing a terrific job of bringing to life the zombie a** kicking, crossbow-wielding bad a**. Eagerly waiting for the next season of the show.

2. Tyler Hoechlin
Character: Derek Hale
Show: Teen Wolf

Okay, so this guy’s acting like a werewolf/tough guy is great but whether he can do other roles is left to be seen. I haven’t seen him in any other movie or tv show so I can’t tell how good he can act in a-normal-person role. Good actor or not this guy makes my list on looks alone. 😉

3. Matt Bomer
Character: Neil Caffery
Show: White Collar

You have probably seen the show or seen him on Magic Mike or in Glee, and there’s no lack of talent he can act, dance and sing. Being the art thief turned CI on White Collar is what I believe his best acting. I haven’t seen him in any other movie or show than those mentioned above. But judging from White Collar we will probably be seeing more from him in years to come.


Feel free to let me, and everyone else who are reading, know who your favorites are.

Warm Bodies

Okay so first they turn vampires and werewolves into boyfriend material but who in their right mind would have thought zombies can someday take the title?? Isaac Marion does just that in his novel( and movie).Someone on GoodReads suggested I read this and I decided to give it a try. After The Walking Dead I prefer to give all zombie novels/movies a try.marion_warmbodies_uk

Warm Bodies is narrated by R, a zombie with very vivid and detailed thoughts for, well, a zombie. R lives in an airport with a lot of other zombies,calls a 747 his home, going out to the city when the want food. The world has been over run by zombies but there are still a few humans left(for them to feed on). The zombies gets a more human persona in this novel because they can almost talk and have something similar to emotions. Ohh and yes they even have some sort of religion! The main thought and character remains the same as that of the other zombie’s we have seen through out the years i.e hunger and eating humans. Neither R nor the other zombies have no memories of anything before they turned but can view the memories belonging to someone else when they eat that persons brain. Eww, right?!

R and his best friend M along with others come across a group of humans while out looking for food(a.k.a humans). That’s where R meets Julie and falls in love with her. Weird or what? Zombie falling in love! R gets to know Julie in depth and detail because he eats her human boyfriend’s brain. R keeps Julie safe and takes her back to the humans and later follows her there.

Some of the zombies, including R, start turning more human like and attract the wrath of the bad guys. The bad guys are zombies too but so far gone that they don’t have anything left except bones and hence called bonies. Okay so I guess I’ll stop there for the sake of those who want to read or watch the movie.

It’s a good novel.Haven’t watched the movie yet ;will post an update on this page itself when I do. Its worth reading. A new idea and written very well.The novel was intended to be a comedy and romance and it does deliver both.

My Rating : 3.5 out of 5


UPDATE:  For the post about the movie click here.

Trailer for the movie:

Second Movie Of The Week: Premium Rush

I have a backlog of movies to be seen and I’m playing catch up. The weather is making me stay indoors  so going to do just that with some good movies to keep me entertained.

Ticked off Premium Rush from the list yesterday. Didn’t have much hopes for this movie. I mean its  guy on a bike, how exciting can that get? I was completely wrong. I had great time watching it. There is some series bike riding in this movie!Hmm.. May be I shouldn’t have sold my bike.premium-rush-blu-ray-box-art

Reasons I like the movie:

1. Joseph Gordon Levitt. I liked this guy’s acting when I saw him in 10 things I hate about you, he was good in Inception and he’s great in this one. Will be watching one more movie of his( 50/50) next week.

2. The action. It’s not the crazy, unrealistic stunts like the ones in Die hard and all, but its good. There is some insane bike riding and cool stunts.Never thought bike riding can prove to be an adrenaline rush. The guy is driving through streets of New York on a bike with no brakes, I wont survive a drive down the street if there wasn’t any brakes. Okay, that’s  exaggeration, I’ll survive but might have to say goodbye to my front teeth and rock a cast while my bones mend.

3. The pace.  There are no points on the whole plot that slow it down. The movie starts, picks up pace, gets even better and has a good finish. There are a lot of movies that disappoint by having scenes in the middle that bore you, this isn’t one of those.

4. The direction of the movie.The plot is simple the bike messenger gets a package that somebody else wants and gets chased through the streets while he tries to make the delivery. They way they tell the story is what makes the movie awesome.

To wrap it up, I thought it was great. Good thing I had it on the list.

Movie Titles And Imagery

I hear a word and the first think I remember is some scene from a movie.
The first reason someone somewhere decided to make a movie using that word as the title. The second reason I watched it.
Now when I hear the word somewhere I always remember something from the movie first even though the actual meaning is in my head.  It can be a bit of problem sometimes, like when giving some exam. Most entrance level exams have an English paper with a vocabulary part. I can’t really write “Blue people with tails” when they ask meaning of Avatar, even though that is the first thing I remember. Add to that the fact the my mind has a tendency to wander. So I think of blue people with tails, then I would start thinking about the planet created by James Cameroon, then flying, etc,etc. You can see how that can be a problem right?


Here are some examples of words that pull up images in my head:

Actual Meaning: The occurrence of events by chance in a happy way.
What I remember: John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale finding each other at the end of the movie.

Actual Meaning:Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.
What I remember: Ghosts/spirits/demons waiting to take over your body when you sleep.

Actual meaning: Starting point of something; the beginning.
What I remember: Leonardo DiCaprio and/or creating dream worlds.

What I remember: The lemur singing “I like to move it, move it”.

What I remember: Linda Blair as Regan after she got possessed in The Exorcist.

Actual meaning: Establishment that provides  food and lodging.
What I remember: People getting tortured.

Actual meaning: An incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person or idea.
What I remember: Blue people with tails!

Is it just me or are there others out there who do this?