Sunday Song

This is a new blog and I’m still working on what to post about and to get a sort of plan to help me keep blogging and not bore you all. So, I thought I would share one song on every Sunday that I really like.

Just trying out a new idea so if you have any suggestions or want to comment on the song please feel free to do so.

This week’s song is Demons by Imagine Dragons which is one of my favorite bands right now. I started listening to them last year and they are one of the few bands to have an album with more than two or three good songs to listen to. I really love the lyrics and video of this song,.Hope you enjoy it to.



The First Post!

Its Alive!!
Well not literally, but my blog has been created. After weeks of procrastination I finally ordered myself to get my ass into the chair and start it. Now that I have done it I’m left with the all important question of what to write! I know i’ll come up with something soon. Whether its good or bad is left to be seen.

As I mentioned above i’m jobless and totally, utterly bored! This blog will me my private, no expense, get away to the far reaches of my mind and I’m sure I’ll find stuff to write once i start exploring the various corners of the grey matter. There is lot up there though i’m not sure how much of it is useful. And to be frank i’m a little anxious of the dark corners of my head, knowing me there is a huge possibility of various creatures of imagination lurking there waiting to jump out. Anyway, the trip into the unknown begins!!

Till  then I’m going to check out what you all have been typing away.

Have a good week everyone!!