I had an exam yesterday, another attempt at finding a job. I’m not a fan of exams but there is one thing that I find interesting about these situations. It’s the people there. I might not mix up that well but I always end up finding one or two people and end up having a good time(exam not counted as good time).
It’s funny to see people behaving different ways. From what I’ve seen the people there tend to behave in one of four ways. Lets just separate them into characters.

Character 1  : I’m nervous & I’ll make sure you are nervous too!

Every exam has these kind. Some are so nervous that they’ll be sweating like crazy, as if they came just after a marathon.  These kind just come up to you and start discussing their fears.  Two guesses as to why they do it A) They believe sharing will make them less scared or B) They hate people who are happy and believe people are better off being nervous wrecks.

Character 2 :The ” I know everything ” type.

These kind of people tend to behave in two different ways.
A) They see exams as life or death battles and strongly believe that standing alone and reading and rereading points till the moment the exam starts is the right thing to do. You usually find them in corners of the corridor or exam room as far away from others as possible so that they don’t get disturbed.
B) They move around and try to intimidate people and tell them how much they have studied- the different books, the number of hours and every other bring detail. Do they really think others care?

Character 3 : Whatever happens, happens

These people know it’s an exam and where smart enough to at-least study a little bit.They have done their part and will just give the exam and go back home. They don’t bother you with worries or show off that they have swallowed five different text books. I prefer to stay with people of this group. I get to meet some nice people and have good time no matter how the exams goes.

Character 4 : I’m screwed anyway so why not have a good time.

The ones that apply for the exam, forget about until the day before and show up just for fun to meet people, talk, make friends, roam around the campus and sit and smile in the exam hall.

I usually belong to Character 3 but have played the part of 4 in a couple of exams.

That’s all for know. See you tomorrow!

Breathless From Laughter

Prompt: the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

I start laughing at the silliest of things and have a hard time controlling laughter once it starts. I’ve got a few stares for laughing like a crazy person while at the mall.  There are so many things that I find funny but, as the prompt refers to recent laughter inducing incidents, here’s a list. Things that I  remember  which mad me crack up recently:

1. Watching re-runs of Big bang theory and America’s Funniest Videos everyday. Two shows that thankfully never fail to leave you breathless from laughter.

2. My mom’s attempt at giving directions on how to reach our house. A kid from school where she teaches met us while we were going for a walk and asked if we lived nearby. After five minutes of directions the poor kid looked so confused that I had to turn my face so he wouldn’t see my face distorted with the attempts at controlling laughter.

3. I enjoy watching funny videos and since everybody uploads on youtube there is always something to watch.
Just this morning someone had shared this video compilation of pranks on facebook. Watch and have a good laugh. 🙂