State Of My Year So Far

Today’s prompt is  : Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

I can’t believe that seven months are already over! It seems like its only been a week or two since I celebrated New Year. I have some good days and some bad days mixed with that where some great days and some terrible ones.

I’ll write down month by month the things that happened( Only those worth mentioning, so you wont get bored).

January : Got news that I passed a national level exam(Lets call this Exam No.1) and got selected for the interview round. That was the best news of the month as far as I can remember because this was the first time I gave such an exam and to pass it with good marks felt really great.

February : Most of this month went in studies for another exam. This one was to get selected to a University to get my Master’s Degree.

March : Gave the interview, which went okay. I was able to answer most of the things properly. This was only the second interview I’ve given in my whole life and it was way better than the first one.

April : Celebrated my birthday with family and then again with friends, got news that I cleared the interview and the selection exam of the university. This was probably the best month this year because  I kept getting something  to be happy for, almost every week.

May : Nothing worth mentioning happened. Just roamed around, studied,had a good time and gave another exam(lets call it Exam No.2).

June : Started this blog!! That was the best part of the month. The worst part – Got two real nasty news that even though I cleared my interview my marks where two points lower than the limit set by them to select who gets a job and I didn’t even clear Exam no.2.

July : Another good month. Blogging, going out with friends, spending time with family, reading, watching movies and eating good food – that sums this month.

That’s my year so far. I’ll probably spent most of August reading. My uncle came over for a visit last week and knowing how much of a bookworm I am brought lots of books for me to read. Will have to wait and see what the next five months hold for me.

Down In The Dumps

There are bad days then there are days that make you feel like even hell is better than this. Today definitely of the second kind. I had given a couple of entrance level exams for public sector banks(kinda popular job here). Both of these were given after I slaved for months, well two months which is way more than most people,  studying whatever could come in the exams. Both the exams went good so I thought finally I’ll at least get a chance in one or probably both.

I'm not exactly this bad but seemed like a good photo

I’m not exactly this bad but seemed like a good photo

The first one:  I cleared first round of  written exam, cleared the second round of interviews and they said I can select the banks I would like to work in. SO everybody got happy. Then the board that decides who gets a job and who gets dumped posted a notice saying the final list people have to have so and so marks. You figured it out right? I didn’t get in. I lost by two marks!! Ohh they say I might still get the job IF the geniuses they selected in the first place decided to drop the job and run.The second job ? I didn’t even make the final list.

In the end I’m still jobless and frustrated but thanks to my blog and being able to read your blogs I’m no longer bored. Feeling better after this short rant. Actually the first version was a lot longer but did a little editing. Will take me a couple of days to get back into a good mood but will keep posting no matter what.