The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview

After three awesome seasons it’s sure that this is one of the best shows on TV. The next season of  The Walking dead is set to premiere in October. It’s feels like a long time doesn’t it??

From the look of the trailer there is going to be a lot more action, lot more walkers and definitely a lot more thrills and scares. There are new characters, the protection of the prison seems to be failing and someone is letting walkers (a.k.a Zombies) into the cell blocks.

They seem to be showing a lot of Daryl Dixon in the trailer. I really hope that the same will be true for the show. Everyone in the cast is really good but for me Norman Reedus is the best!!

Enjoy the trailer!!


Three Current Favorites On TV

I read a couple of blogs today where people wrote of favorites. Favorites movies, music, etc. So I thought I’ll join the club and write about the my three favorite guys on television right now. These guys have remained my favorites for some years now and will probably remain so for some more years. Continue reading to see the names and what I found to be the best character they portrayed. mash

So without further ado, here’s the guys :

1. Norman Reedus
Character: Daryl Dixon
Show: The Walking Dead

I liked watching Boondock Saints, I know it’s a terrible movie but I just couldn’t stop watching. The plot is so ridiculous in it and even though it’s supposed to be an action movie it felt more like a comedy or spoof.Even so I did like Norman Reedus in the movie and he’s the reason why I started watching The Walking Dead. It turned out to be the best show I’ve seen, other than Friends. The show wouldn’t be the same without Daryl Dixon. Who would thought a character like that would create such a big fan base. Credit for that goes to Reedus for doing a terrific job of bringing to life the zombie a** kicking, crossbow-wielding bad a**. Eagerly waiting for the next season of the show.

2. Tyler Hoechlin
Character: Derek Hale
Show: Teen Wolf

Okay, so this guy’s acting like a werewolf/tough guy is great but whether he can do other roles is left to be seen. I haven’t seen him in any other movie or tv show so I can’t tell how good he can act in a-normal-person role. Good actor or not this guy makes my list on looks alone. 😉

3. Matt Bomer
Character: Neil Caffery
Show: White Collar

You have probably seen the show or seen him on Magic Mike or in Glee, and there’s no lack of talent he can act, dance and sing. Being the art thief turned CI on White Collar is what I believe his best acting. I haven’t seen him in any other movie or show than those mentioned above. But judging from White Collar we will probably be seeing more from him in years to come.


Feel free to let me, and everyone else who are reading, know who your favorites are.

Patience( It’s Way Too Hard!!)

You have heard of attaining nirvana right?  No, I’m not talking about Rock band or Kurt Cobain.  Nirvana comes at the end of your life so I’m not to going to bother about it for the time being. I’m only twenty-two I’ll work for that later 😉

There is something even harder to obtain as far as I’m concerned, and that’s patience! If you have patience then you have my respect. I’ve lacked patience my whole life. I strongly believe this was passed on to me from my parents and I hold the faulty genes accountable for it. See, I’m innocent! Who can fight genetics!
I prefer to get things over and done with than wait. Needless to say this has gotten me into trouble more than once. I’m still in the process of learning to be patient. Which is my way of saying I still have no patience.

As far as I can see there are only two things that I can bear waiting for and that are books and cooking. I’m not a great cook but I don’t mind waiting for the dish to get cooked. tumblr copy

Here’s some examples of things that make you learn patience the hard way.

1. The line in shops, ATM, ticket counters that never seem to move.

2. Having a slow internet and by slow I mean snail speed.

3. Long train journeys. The longest I have traveled is for 32 hours. the first few hours were good, enjoyed the scenery, but got bored later on. Needless to say I’m not trying that again.

4. Waiting for someone to finish a speech on something that you have absolutely no interest in.

5. Having to pee while travelling by car and knowing that there isn’t a rest stop for the next few miles.  This is one can be a real problem!

6. Knowing that you have to wait months before next season of your favorite show airs again. Right now I’m waiting and waiting for the next season of  “The Walking Dead”.