Ever had a dream that scares the bejeezus out of you ? I had one last night and the creepier thing is it’s the third time I’m having the same dream, as far as I remember. There are a few dreams you remember even after waking up, this is one of those for me. That’s why I know I have seen it before even though it’s been some time since I saw it last.

There isn’t much that happens in the dream. It’s middle of the night or early morning or something,anyway it’s really dark. I feel like there is something outside the house so I look out the bedroom window. My bedroom is on the first floor overlooking the road. It’s dark enough that I can’t see much, other than that a man is standing just outside the house. I can’t see his face or any other features, just a silhouette in the small amount of light coming from the street light. I’m scared in the dream and somehow I know that he’s upto no good and that he’s NOT really human. At this point in the dream I’m feeling terrified.I just keep peeking out the window again and again. The guy doesn’t move, just stands there. The last time I peek I see the guy right outside my window and he jumps at me(the window has disappeared by this time). This is the point where I wake up! I don’t see a face, even at close range, just blackness. That’s enough to terrify anyone in a dream right? Try having it trice!

I know people interpret dreams and all that but I don’t think any such thing is worth wasting my time. If you choose to believe in all that then whatever, it’s your decision. No one is ever going to make me believe in psychics and palm readers. I don’t have a problem with nightmares but I  really hate it when they wake me up because most of the time I can’t go back to sleep. Once I wake up I know there is nothing to be scared of but in the dream my mind the whole thing is ten times more terrifying.

I racked my brains trying to come up with some other topic for the day but nothing else surfaced and the headache I’ve got is not helping. So I think I’m going to get into bed and sleep early. Hopefully, no more nightmares tonight.

Down In The Dumps

There are bad days then there are days that make you feel like even hell is better than this. Today definitely of the second kind. I had given a couple of entrance level exams for public sector banks(kinda popular job here). Both of these were given after I slaved for months, well two months which is way more than most people,  studying whatever could come in the exams. Both the exams went good so I thought finally I’ll at least get a chance in one or probably both.

I'm not exactly this bad but seemed like a good photo

I’m not exactly this bad but seemed like a good photo

The first one:  I cleared first round of  written exam, cleared the second round of interviews and they said I can select the banks I would like to work in. SO everybody got happy. Then the board that decides who gets a job and who gets dumped posted a notice saying the final list people have to have so and so marks. You figured it out right? I didn’t get in. I lost by two marks!! Ohh they say I might still get the job IF the geniuses they selected in the first place decided to drop the job and run.The second job ? I didn’t even make the final list.

In the end I’m still jobless and frustrated but thanks to my blog and being able to read your blogs I’m no longer bored. Feeling better after this short rant. Actually the first version was a lot longer but did a little editing. Will take me a couple of days to get back into a good mood but will keep posting no matter what.

Not Much Going On

Pretty ordinary day. Nothing happened except we had another small thunderstorm. It only lasted about half an hour but it blew out some power lines or something. That meant no TV or computer and with a knack of perfect timing my mobile ran out of charge too. I don’t have a laptop right now so all in all it was four gadget free hours gifted to me by the storm. It was just four hours but felt more like forty! Couldn’t go out either because of the rain.The lightning show stopped too soon so was left with nothing to do.

My gran tells me about her childhood .People preferred to use lanterns and entertainment was in the form of a transistor radio. Movies were held once or twice a year. Kinda hard to imagine what living like that would be like. I mean they were used to it but if someone sent me back in time to live like that I’ll go mad pretty soon.TV, mp3 player, mobile  and computer, most of my day is spent with one of these things.

Thankfully they repaired the power lines. Now back to life of 21st Century.


Patience( It’s Way Too Hard!!)

You have heard of attaining nirvana right?  No, I’m not talking about Rock band or Kurt Cobain.  Nirvana comes at the end of your life so I’m not to going to bother about it for the time being. I’m only twenty-two I’ll work for that later 😉

There is something even harder to obtain as far as I’m concerned, and that’s patience! If you have patience then you have my respect. I’ve lacked patience my whole life. I strongly believe this was passed on to me from my parents and I hold the faulty genes accountable for it. See, I’m innocent! Who can fight genetics!
I prefer to get things over and done with than wait. Needless to say this has gotten me into trouble more than once. I’m still in the process of learning to be patient. Which is my way of saying I still have no patience.

As far as I can see there are only two things that I can bear waiting for and that are books and cooking. I’m not a great cook but I don’t mind waiting for the dish to get cooked. tumblr copy

Here’s some examples of things that make you learn patience the hard way.

1. The line in shops, ATM, ticket counters that never seem to move.

2. Having a slow internet and by slow I mean snail speed.

3. Long train journeys. The longest I have traveled is for 32 hours. the first few hours were good, enjoyed the scenery, but got bored later on. Needless to say I’m not trying that again.

4. Waiting for someone to finish a speech on something that you have absolutely no interest in.

5. Having to pee while travelling by car and knowing that there isn’t a rest stop for the next few miles.  This is one can be a real problem!

6. Knowing that you have to wait months before next season of your favorite show airs again. Right now I’m waiting and waiting for the next season of  “The Walking Dead”.


Here’s a little recap of my life to tell you how i ended up here.
I used to work in a CPA’s office, more like a trainee than a full-scale employee. For a while things seemed okay but later on it became clear being a CPA isn’t something I want to do.  It became more clear when I started waking up every morning wishing the day would already end.So I set to find something  that interests me rather than slave through something I hate.  The day I packed up my I had this huge smile on my face,probably looked a little like the Cheshire cat , I’m sure more than one person on the street thought that something wasn’t right in my head. Couldn’t care less though! Coz I was free again to do whatever I like.
So I started 2013 with no job and plenty of free time.

I took a month off and enjoyed my freedom, which is my way so saying I lazed around a lot. While working  I was in the office for 9 hours a day, six days a week, we only had Sunday as a holiday which I preferred to spent at home in front of TV or with a book. Aah , it was wonderful to be able to walk around in the evening again, go to the mall or see the sunset!!
After the month of freedom the job hunt began. I gave exams for some jobs, cleared some, went for interviews and now waiting for the results to see whether I get the job or not. Also decided to go for a Master’s degree. Hopefully the public opinion that more education means a good job will work out in my case.

People ask me if I feel bad that I left the job. My answer is Hell no!! It was the best decision.  Now I’m free to find something that I like And I’m finally free to write, which is something I always wanted to do. I’ve never written anything major other than few short stories and book reviews on another site; Hence this blog, to help me figure out how good I am in the writing field and also so that I don’t feel bored to death.

That’s the story till now. Judging from the last twenty years of my life there is only a slim chance that things in the future turn out perfect all at once but Hey, i have a lot of fight left in me so I know I’ll end up somewhere good, eventually.


P.S I just read what I’ve written and realized there is probably too many “I”s in that but its my back-story so I’m leaving it the way it is. 🙂