Sunday Song # 8

Song : “Breakeven” by  The Script

This is another of my favorite bands. The Script is an Irish band from Dublin who released their first album in 2008.Most of their songs are about heartbreak and lost love but they don’t use sad music and use good beats instead. I like the lead singer’s voice and their lyrics.

The song below is my favorite from the band as of now. I love the lyrics and the music. It is from their first album. The music at the starting of the song used to be my ringtone. They released their third album last year and it looks just as good as the ones before.

Other songs that you might like:

  • For the first time
  • The man who can’t be moved
  • Nothing
  • Millionaires
  • If you ever come back
  • Hall of fame
  • Six degrees of separation


Sunday Song # 7

Song  : Harlem by New Politics.

Most of the time I prefer songs with great to moderately good lyrics but some time all I want is good music. Great beats, fun tune, in short music that you can just listen to feel good and maybe dance a little.

Two days ago I heard the song “Harlem” playing on AXN and loved the music instantly, the lyrics weren’t that bad either.  New Politics is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their music is mainly alternative rock, pop and punk.I have listened to some of their songs and I’ve mentioned some of the goods ones below.

Other songs :

  • Tonight You are Perfect
  • Dignity
  • Give me hope
  • Stuck on you


Sunday Song# 6

Song: Somebody that I used to know(Cover) by Walk Off The Earth.

This band is more famous for their covers of songs by other artists. From what I’ve seen the best cover is of Gotye’s – “Somebody that I used to know” because not only is their vocals good but the whole band is also playing one single guitar simultaneously to create the background music.

They released an EP in 2012 and these are the best songs from it : “Red Hands”
and “Gang of Rhythm”.What I like about their songs is that they always have really good background music.  Listen and enjoy.


Sunday Song#5

Song: Another Day In Paradise by Phil Collins from the album “…But Seriously”(1989).

This is one of my dad’s all time favorite songs. I grew up listening to Phills Collins, Queen, Pink Floyd, etc. Dad used turn the the TV to an english music channel in the mornings and we used to listen to these artists and others everyday while we got ready for work or school (in mycase).

Breathless From Laughter

Prompt: the last time you had a real, deep, crying-from-laughing belly laugh.

I start laughing at the silliest of things and have a hard time controlling laughter once it starts. I’ve got a few stares for laughing like a crazy person while at the mall.  There are so many things that I find funny but, as the prompt refers to recent laughter inducing incidents, here’s a list. Things that I  remember  which mad me crack up recently:

1. Watching re-runs of Big bang theory and America’s Funniest Videos everyday. Two shows that thankfully never fail to leave you breathless from laughter.

2. My mom’s attempt at giving directions on how to reach our house. A kid from school where she teaches met us while we were going for a walk and asked if we lived nearby. After five minutes of directions the poor kid looked so confused that I had to turn my face so he wouldn’t see my face distorted with the attempts at controlling laughter.

3. I enjoy watching funny videos and since everybody uploads on youtube there is always something to watch.
Just this morning someone had shared this video compilation of pranks on facebook. Watch and have a good laugh. 🙂

Sunday Song

This is literally the first song I’ve heard of Coldplay. Can you believe that!
I always used to change the channel if their songs come on TV because somehow I never liked any of them. Then I heard this song and for some reason I didn’t change the channel . I liked it from the first second it started playing and it’s still on my playlist today. I have listened to five or six of there songs after coming across Paradise but only liked two songs so far : Every Teardrop is a waterfall and Viva La Vida.

If you think that there is any song by Coldplay that I should definitely listen to, then let me know.

This is one of the songs that help me get through my bad mood. As some you may have read in my previous post I have some reasons to be in a bad mood. It’s getting better. I recover fast, thank god!

Pitch Perfect

I had seen trailers of this movie on Youtube but completely forgot that such a movie exists. In fact I even forgot the name of the movie so when a fellow blogger suggested it I didn’t know it was this movie. I ended up watching it yesterday. One of the few perks of being jobless – watch movie at whatever time I want.11167512_det

I thought the movie was great. I mean not like the big scale movie but it was kind of more real than others like High School musical. It’s hilarious, has nice songs and definitely more fun to watch!

So the movie is about a college accapella group, The Barden Bellas, trying to win the Nationals. Yes that’s right! They wrapped up the story in under two hours while Glee took three seasons to get there. The songs and mash-up  choices are great and with perfect timing so the story is not slowed down. It’s not exactly a new story line- girl with issues, group of singers trying to win a competition and a little bit of romance mixed with it, but even so the movie isn’t boring at all! I liked Rebel Wilson the most followed by Anna Kendrick. The other cast members are pretty good too.

I’ll probably watch it again and will be adding the soundtrack to my playlist. Thanks to KC ( for making me watch this movie.